You played it, you liked it and you enjoyed the feelings it gave you. You bought the board game so that you could play it with your friends or you searched the entire Internet for the best version of free online scrabble with no download. But have you ever wondered where it came from? How much do you know about scrabble and what are the other things that you would want to know? We are going to present you 12 interesting facts about the game that any player or fan would want to know.

1.Scrabble was invented in 1938 by the American architect Alfred Mosher Butts.

2.The game had 3 names during its lifetime. It was first named Lexico, then, it changed to Criss-Cross Words, and eventually, to Scrabble.

3.More than 150 million games have been sold in 121 countries from the entire world.

4.Scrabble can be played in 29 different languages.

5.There are languages in which you cannot play scrabble. Chinese and Japanese are two of them.

6.The number of tiles differs according to the language you are playing in.

7.The number of missing scrabble tiles from the world goes over one million.

8.Scrabble is a very popular game. Every hour, more than 30,000 matches begin.

9.The word OXYPHENBUTAZONE can bring a player 1782 points. Scrabble player Benjamin Woo managed to achieve it by hitting three Triple Word Score squares.

10.The longest word allowed in scrabble formed only from vowels is EUOUAE (a Gregorian cadence) and from consonants is CRWTH(S) (an old Welsh stringed instrument).

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11.In Great Britain, 53% of all homes have a scrabble game and in the America, 1 of 3 homes own one.

12.Scrabble is famous among the celebrities as well. Famous people known to play the game are Queen Elizabeth II, Keanu Reeves, Madonna, Sharon Stone, John Travolta, Mel Gibson, Tom Cruise, Kate Hudson and Kylie Minogue.

12 Facts about Scrabble that You Should Know