Do you know the pressure that you feel when you are in a situation in which you do not know what to do or the correct answer? It’s the same feeling that you get when you take a test that you did not study for. You are so stressed and so eager to find a solution that you are willing to forget about the rules just because respecting them has caused you such a discomfort. And what you are going to do is called cheating. Everybody has done this, so why bother thinking if it’s right or wrong? However, you should ask yourself the following question: is cheating the method that will bring what you actually what you need? During a scrabble game, it will bring you just trouble.

The consequences of cheating during a scrabble game

Some scrabble players are so desperate to win, that they appeal to this unethical method. Nevertheless, they do not get away with it and the price that they pay is much higher than the prize for which they are taking this risk. One of the methods that some scrabble players use is glancing in the bag of scrabble tiles in order to see what letter piece to pick. In this way, they can choose a tile that can help them make a decisive move.

Th ones that are caught are suspended from participating in any scrabble competition. They can last for a couple of months or even years, depending on how serious the incident is. Scrabble associations are the ones that decide how severe a player should be punished.

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The idea of cheating is something that we find all over the world. It is as old as our existence. However, it is not the fact that people cheat that it is so disturbing, but the reasons why they do it. In this case, for winning some money and a title. But you cannot say that they are winning, they are stealing it from the ones who actually deserve it. Moreover, they are killing the spirit and the beauty of scrabble because they are not playing for themselves, for the experience, they are playing for a material reason which will disappear more sooner than they thought.

Cheating during a scrabble game is not a solution