Hello to everyone! I am going to skip the introductory part as it is I do not think I will ever meet anyone who reads this and if do, we will deal with this part then. I am a scrabble player and I am going to tell my story about how this online game captured my interest and how it became a passion.

Everything started in very familiar place to me: in front of my laptop. I wanted to relax, forget about my problems at work and I remembered that I used to play scrabble quite often when I was a child. In fact, my whole family did and because I could make a three-hour road trip in order to play scrabble, I had to appeal to the other solution: the Internet. Playing free online scrabble was what I was searching for and I found it in a matter of a few clicks. And that is the point where it all started.

A scrabble player tells the world the story about his passion for the game

Playing free online scrabble reminded me of how beautiful this game is and it has some additional advantages. You play with people from all over the world. I have great scrabble opponents from three continents and it is a pleasure and a challenge at the same time when I meet them in a scrabble game. Then, I have an online scrabble board right behind my monitor and I do not have to worry about the physical elements of the game. Last but not least, scrabble and scrabble players are just a few click away. This game is played non-stop and I can always find someone online and eager to play.

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Online free scrabble is easy and available for everyone. This is the beauty of this online game and the beauty that captured my attention. I play scrabble several times during a week after I get back from work and I can say that I do not know a better way to end my day. I will be waiting to meet all of you there!

Confessions of a scrabble player to the world