We have been talking about different meanings that scrabble has: it is an educational game, it is a great leisure activity and an easy and pleasant way to learn new words. However, you cannot enjoy these benefits unless you know how to play scrabble. Therefore, we are going to provide a few general, but extremely important rules that will help you understand the mechanics of this game and how you can play in order to obtain the highest score.

Guidelines that will take you through all the steps of scrabble

These scrabble rules apply in both situations: whether you are playing online free scrabble, or if you have the board game. First of all, let’s start with the board and the game pieces. You will have one board, a pack with 100 letter pieces and 4 racks. This means that the game can be played by minimum 2 and maximum 4 scrabble players. Each of them get seven letter pieces and the player with the letter closest to “A” goes first.

Each player will have to form a word when his/her turn comes. Nevertheless, scrabble players will need to be careful because they cannot use any kind of word. The words that are not allowed are: abbreviations, prefixes and suffixes that are not attached to other words, words written with hyphens or apostrophes. Scrabble players can form words by: matching the pieces on the board, adding pieces to other words or adding words that will match other words that already exist in the board. For instance, if you have the word “run” on the board and you have the letter pieces N, E, R, you can form the word “runner”.

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After every move, the scrabble player will take as many letter pieces from the bag as he/she used on the board. If they receive a blank piece, they can use it to replace any letter, but they must say which letter it will be as it will remain the same during the entire game.

When it comes to the score, you should keep on a piece of paper or, in the case of online free scrabble, do not worry, the computer will handle it. Each scrabble letter has its points written on them or on a list. A scrabble player’s score is given by the total points of a word. The value of a letter can increase if a letter is placed in a Premium Letter Square (light blue – doubles; dark blue – triples) and the points of a word can increase if one letter reaches a Premium Word Square (pink – doubles the score of the word). This advantage can be used only once. If another word is formed in one of the used squares, the value does not increase.

The game ends when there are no more letter pieces in the bag. At the end of the scrabble game, if players still have letter pieces on their racks, they will have to sum up their value and reduce it from their final score. The player with the highest score wins.

We hope that these simple rules will help you discover a wonderful game and wonderful word of words. Now, all you have to do is put what you read in practice and enjoy a good scrabble game, no matter if you are playing it with your friends at home or online for free.

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General rules for a good scrabble game