One of the reasons why free online scrabble is so attractive and popular is the fact that it enables people from all over the world to play and socialize at the same time. People from countries from different continents have the chance to meet in a pleasant environment, something that is difficult to achieve in real life when separated by a great distance. Of course, distance means nothing when somebody means the world to you, but in this case, we are talking about people who might have just this one thing in common: the love to play scrabble. For this reason, many people have chosen this method of playing scrabble, but what does ‘many’ mean? What does it refer to? Hundreds of thousands, millions, the entire population of planet Earth?

Elements that illustrate the great number of online scrabble players

Unfortunately, we cannot say all the people because some countries are still facing problems in fighting against poverty and struggling to improve their economy. However, we are still talking about a huge number: millions of people. This is why you have the chance to meet people from various countries in this online world. You can start playing against a young man from Canada and tomorrow you might find yourself as the opponent of retired British woman. There are no limits when it comes to free online scrabble with no download.

Another fact that shows how popular this game is says that each hour, at least 30 000 scrabble games start. Multiplying this number with the population of 10 countries and a period of 8 hours, you can get an idea of how many people play scrabble. Moreover, this example represents just a small part of the total number of scrabble players.

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Scrabble can be played in 29 different languages. One of the most used is English. Also, English is spoken by 1200 million people from the entire world. Correlating these two facts, we can see why and how it is possible for this great number of scrabble players to exist. It is easy for anyone who knows the language to play and to find an online free scrabble game available in English.

Although it may not beat some top games, scrabble is a very popular game spread in countries from all the continents. People play it every day because they enjoy it or because they want to improve their skills. There are other reasons as well, but in the end, what is important is that scrabble is a game that has been with us for almost 70 years and it has not lost its beauty and charm.

How many people play free online scrabble with no download?