Scrabble was born in the moment when the brilliant idea of a cross word game came into the mind of the architect Alfred Mosher Butts. It took some time until it was introduced in this world, but it did not take long to win the hearts of millions of people. For this reason, we needed a day in which we could celebrate the existence of scrabble, but it was hard to say exactly when that date should be fixed. So, the best option was that birthday of the inventor of scrabble: April 13. In this way, both the game and Alfred Butts would be celebrated by the entire world.

Do people actually celebrate the Scrabble Day?

Probably most of them do not even know that such a day exists. Almost each day of the year celebrates something or someone, so it is pretty hard to remember what each day means. However, the correlation between the birthday of the game inventor and the game itself should make things a little easier.