When we say scrabble, we think of many things: a fun game, a great competition, a playful way of learning, a game that has suffered just a few changes in its many years of existence etc. These are all possible definitions of scrabble, but when it was created, scrabble was a very simple thing: a board game. Scrabble is part of the great family of board games, a type of activity that conquered the world and transformed ordinary people into great players. We will see the importance of understanding what a board game means and how it influenced the scrabble versions from nowadays.

The roots of where it all started

Scrabble was born almost 80 years ago and it was designed using the first page of a New York newspaper. This aspect shows that one aim of the game was to be understood easily by a large number of people. In the next few years, it would become a great attraction to many persons and a wonderful leisure activity. It would spread in different countries, on several continents and, in short time, in the entire world.

However, scrabble was not the first game known by people from all over the world. For some years, it did not change very much. Until the digital era came. This is the period when scrabble was integrated in a new world: the online one. Of course, it is a difficult process to move a board game from the real world to a virtual one and keep all its elements that brought it success: the connection between players, the atmosphere, the simple rules and the game pieces (board, tiles etc.). Fortunately, this transformation was welcomed by the scrabble players and appreciated as much as the original version. It was the beginning of something big!

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It is important to go back into the past because it is the only way we can understand where everything started and appreciate what we have today. Remember, if it weren’t for the board game, we would not have free online scrabble with no download, international scrabble competitions or scrabble cubes.

It all started with a board game