Scrabble can mean two things: a game that helps you learn new words or a competition in which you are giving your best in order to have the best score at the end of the match. It depends on what kind of scrabble player you are: an explorer of the game or a fighter, a person who aims to win and to be the number one scrabble player. However, at the end, it does not matter in what category you fit in, the game will still be exciting, challenging and will attract you to play it as much as you can. And because we have talked about words, we are going to approach the excitement of winning and we will provide you some secret recipe for gaining the highest score in order to win.

Scrabble tiles and the combinations that will help you win a scrabble game

Before going to the part that everyone wants to get to, we must first understand the story of the scrabble tiles. When a scrabble game begins, there are 100 tiles which people use. Each player gets 7 tiles at the start and after every move, they receive the number of tiles that they have used. All the tiles have certain points written on them: blank tiles 0 points; A, E, I, L, N, O, R, S, T, U 1 point; D, G 2 points; B, C, M, P 3 points; F, H, V, W, Y 4 points; K 5 points; J, X 8 points; Q, Z 10 points. These rules are the same for the board game and for the free online scrabble with no download.

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The key in winning in a scrabble competition is to learn not to waste any tile in forming very fancy words in order to impress your opponent or anyone else. In fact, you will impress nobody, you will shock them. You must understand that the people who go there just want to win and they will do it with simple short words which they know one thing about: these words are excellent moves that can bring them good points. Also, they do not need to use many pieces, which does not put in danger their next moves.

For instance, try and memorize as many two-letter words as possible. This is a golden rule for every scrabble player who plays to win. They may vary from one Scrabble dictionary to another, depending on the edition. For example, here are some words that any scrabble player should know: QI – life force; ZA – pizza; TE – seventh tone on the musical scale; ZO – Himalayan cattle. You do not need to know what they mean. As long as you know them and know which of them brings you a high score, you are ready to enter a scrabble game.

It may seem difficult, maybe almost impossible at the beginning, but learning two-letter words by heart is not done by taking all the scrabble dictionaries you have on the couch, opening them and starting to memorize all the words like you would do for an exam (it is not a good idea for the exam either). You learn some of them, you play scrabble and you memorize new words while playing scrabble. It is the only way any scrabble player can do it. Therefore, take everything step by step, learn from your mistakes and improve your skills. Take your time and be patient if you want to see good results. Remember, not even the world was build in only one day.

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It is all about the combinations of the scrabble tiles