You may have heard that scrabble has very much to do with mathematics or that scrabble players can be very well described as mathematicians and you may have wondered if these statements are true or if they are just an error. Well, to offer an answer to all your questions and clear your doubts, yes, there are some similarities between scrabble players and mathematicians. How is this possible? Everything stands in the scrabble strategies that they use and in the goals they set when they begin a scrabble game: to have the best score and win the match.

The similarities between scrabble and mathematics

Taking the first element, the strategies and techniques, scrabble follows certain patterns which can be associated with mathematics formulas. For instance, scrabble players who participate in various important competitions use two-letter and three-letter words. They are very careful with the combinations that they use because they do not want to miss the occasion of forming a word that would bring them a good score. For example, AX (a form of spelling the word AXE), would bring them 9 points (A – 1p; X – 8p). If they hit a Premium Square, the value increases. Of course, players do not know many two or three-letter. For this reason, they learn them by heart. Memorizing as many short words as possible is a very useful strategy that brings great points and can help you avoid hitting a dead point.

Furthermore, knowing certain combinations of letters and understanding their importance in the final score of a scrabble game is another good technique. Players know that everything comes down to the points and thus, they learn to use letters like Z and Q wisely (both of them are worth 10p, the highest value among scrabble tiles). For example, they memorize the word ZAX ( a tool used for cutting slates) and use it as a secret weapon. Therefore, they concentrate more on the points than the words. They do not need to know the meaning of the word as long as it can make them win the scrabble match.

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Is this what’s all about: putting more emphasis on achieving a better score and on scrabble strategies? You can start an interesting debate on this topic, but this is not the point. The point is that these techniques actually work, as important scrabble players use them in international competitions and win important titles due to them. Moreover, these strategies can be used in any type of scrabble game, whether we are talking about the board version or the free online scrabble with no download needed.

It is not about the words, it is about the points