Children begin to learn to play scrabble as soon as they learn how to write and read. The game is a useful way to improve their vocabulary, to develop skills while working under the pressure of the game and to understand the importance of respecting certain rules. On the other hand, for some children, scrabble goes way beyond that and it becomes a passion, a dream for which they learn to fight. They participate in international scrabble competitions, play against talented scrabble players from all over the world and learn precious lessons from each match.

Children winning great scrabble titles all over the world

There are examples of wonder children all over the world. In 2013, an 8-year-old boy won the national championship in New Zealand. At such a young age, he was considered a great opponent for adult scrabble players. Another example would be the one of the winner of the World Youth Scrabble Championship. An English 14-year-old young man managed to obtain a very important title and write his name on the scrabble board of champions. The list will continue with many other children who are waiting to make their winning move.

Besides the titles that they win, what makes these children special is that they are not taking part in competitions for money and prizes. Their answers go in the direction of ‘I wanted to meet new friends’ or ‘I wanted to know what it is like to be in a great scrabble competition’. In this way, they are teaching us a priceless lesson: it is more important to do something for you and not for any other material reason. Prizes come and go, experiences will always remain and will represent a little treasure in our lives.

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