When you think of the scrabble game, your mind goes to board game put on table around which four friends gather and play. Well, for some people, scrabble makes them think about something else, something bigger, greater and very important. For them, scrabble is a real competition, and we are not talking about small local contests where 20 people gather in a bar to play. No, we are talking about people who come from countries from all over the world to compete against the best scrabble players. Scrabble has transformed into an important competition and moved its location to great halls that can sustain hundreds players that come to compete. Following their passion can lead them to a great title of a scrabble master, a master of words.

Scrabble Championships

One of the most important competitions for scrabble players is the World Scrabble Championship. Countries from all over the world send their representatives to compete. It was firstly organized in 1991 and since then, it takes place every second year. People compete play an English-language Scrabble. The value of the prize represents a reason why people train hard and improve their strategies, but it is not the main purpose. Those who come to this huge scrabble contest are the best players, have great techniques, a strategical thinking and very open mind. They aim to become better players, even though this might mean losing an important scrabble game and going home empty-handed. The lessons that they learn are far more precious than any titles or money checks that they could receive.

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As we see, scrabble has suffered a few changes from the board game that we all know or at least heard about. It has become an international competition for which people give their best and overcome limits that seemed almost impossible. They fight for becoming the best scrabble player in the world, but this does not have to necessarily involve winning the big title. It means participating in the competition, playing the best you can and learning from all your mistakes in order not to make them next time you play in a competition or even at home.

More than a game, a worldwide competition