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When you speak about scrabble, the first things that come into your mind are the fact that it is a game that can be played by maximum four people and that involves connecting letters in order to form words on a board. This is a very simple definition, but there is more that lays behind this two-row sentence. And this ‘more’ refers to the players. (more…)

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Hello to everyone! I am going to skip the introductory part as it is I do not think I will ever meet anyone who reads this and if do, we will deal with this part then. I am a scrabble player and I am going to tell my story about how this online game captured my interest and how it became a passion. (more…)

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Do you know that feeling when you are in the mood of playing and you want it so badly that you do not want to waste any minute and just get started? Yes, we all do. We all know the pleasure we get when we are trapped in a world full of challenges, a world of unlimited possibilities. (more…)

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There are two types of players that we get to know when we play free online games: people, who can be players from all over the world, or computers, digital players that to do not exist. The process is the same in both situations: you have an opponent and you are trying to have a better score than him in order to win. It depends on the players’ mentality whether the fact that the opponent is a real person or not has any influence on the game. (more…)

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The most advantageous feature about the latest version of free online scrabble game is that you can get free scrabble games without downloading it. This is a great relief for online players as the fear of virus getting inside their precious computer is lessened. Now, they can play as much as they want and at anytime. With the option to play free scrabble word games online with no downloads, traveling long distance or even when you are alone, you will not feel bored. This is one of the most fun games to play especially during free scrabble play against computer online.

When you play scrabble online, the game is very fast, especially, if you are playing against the computer. After your turn, the computer makes the move in a lightning fast way, so that you do not have long waits, like, when you are playing traditional board games with many others. The scrabble valid words are provided by the inbuilt dictionary, which is available with the online game, so you do not have to worry about hunting for it in traditional dictionary books. You can also improve your skills while playing against the computer with the various levels of the game. This is one of the board games, which is fun to play and helps in boosting your knowledge.

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Until a few years back, playing a game of scrabble meant dragging out the board and sorting out all the pieces, not forgetting the many trips to search the dictionary for appropriate words. However, there is an online version of Scrabble, which has created quite a lot of excitement among scrabble lovers across the world. The new free online scrabble game is almost like the regular game of scrabble, except for using the mouse to place the letters on the online board. With free scrabble play against computer online, there will not be any need for dictionary or for finding lost Scrabble letters. This is because the game will let you know when you are not placing scrabble valid words.

The other great feature about the latest version is that everyone can play free scrabble word games online with no downloads needed. Sites like have this game built in, so if you have an account here, you can play free scrabble games without downloading. The best feature found in online scrabble games is that you can play various levels of this game and get more knowledge through this. Once you start playing, time just passes by without the players realizing the fact.

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Scrabble is one the games which is fun to play with more than two people, especially with friends and family. However, if there is no one to play with, you can play with your computer, as there are free scrabble games against computer online. You can also ask your friends to play with you online, especially, if you have an account in Facebook. You can sign up for free online scrabble game for Facebook, and then, you can ask your friends to play or offer them the link so that they can sign in.

Another excellent feature is that you can play free scrabble word games online with no downloads required. All you have to do is visit and sign in free scrabble games without downloading. After signing in, the next step to do is to visit free Scrabble game and play immediately on your browser. In the past, you had to download the game before playing, however, now the new version is a welcome, since, you will not get virus into your laptop. The inbuilt dictionary also helps you to use scrabble valid words, which is a big help for new players. For those looking for quick games online, scrabble is the best fun and educative game to select.

The concept of online freedom and scrabble

The concept of online freedom when it comes to games represents a topic that raises discussions and debates. There are two sides of the story. First, there are people that believe that the Internet is a free space which anybody should be able to access and therefore, games should be available worldwide for free. The other part is represented by the people who consider that everybody should pay for an account, for access to a game, basically for all they need.

Taking the situation of playing free online scrabble, we can look at the advantages it offers. You always have a game that you can play in your spare time with your friends, with people that you do not know from all over the world or against computers. You do not need to have the game itself (the board and the letters), you just need a free account and you are ready to go. Furthermore, free scrabble is pleasurable activity that trains your brain and your vocabulary competences. Playing it regularly will not only relax you, but it will also enrich your knowledge. In addition, allowing any person to play creates a great community. It is formed of people coming from different cultures, speaking different languages, but who have one thing in common: they like to play scrabble, they speak English and they want to test their capacities.

Freedom, free access and free playing does not refer to having illegal access to online scrabble, but to allowing people to play, to form something great and to enjoy the pleasure of a good and useful game. Free online scrabble represents an open door to a world of thousands of words and limitless possibilities. So, join our community and play online scrabble. It’s free!

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Scrabble was invented in the year 1938 and it was played on a flat board. It is considered to be the best indoor game, when rain stops people from outdoor activities. It is also very good in helping children and adults to improve their word power, as you can learn new words while playing with others. With the advent of internet, people have left their board games to play free online scrabble game. You can play scrabble online, anytime you want as you access free scrabble games without downloading. To help you with scrabble valid words, you can use the dictionary, which is available with the game online.

During free scrabble play against computer online, you get to make your moves fast unlike the board game, where it takes thirty to forty five minutes to finish a game. The free online scrabble game does not allow you to use words, which are not correct, and it offers great pleasure for players as they concentrate on beating their opponent. One of the best features is that you can play free scrabble word games online with no download. Some websites have this game built in, so a player has to just open a free gaming account in that site to start playing.

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Scrabble is a very popular game where players are required to use their vocabulary skills to form words from the letters they have. A player, who has good knowledge and vocabulary and can make scrabble valid words fast, has more chance of winning. Several years after this game was created, you can now play scrabble game online. The free scrabble play against computer online has a few variations from the traditional one. You can play free scrabble word games online with no downloads, which many people are unaware of. This alleviates the fear of virus getting into your computer.

The free online scrabble game can be played exactly as the board game, but without the hassles of the traditional one. You will not have the need of a dictionary while playing, as the online version provides a built in dictionary. The best part about the online version is that you can customize the online scrabble game to a more difficult level if you need to. However, the online version is much tougher than the board game you play. This is one of the best ways to pass your time if you are flying to any destination alone and need to spend time. With the help of your laptop, you can play free online scrabble game.

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The scrabble official rules says that about the values in point of each letter and blank tile in Scrabble game. Assure you that you play using this point values: (more…)

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