There are two types of players that we get to know when we play free online games: people, who can be players from all over the world, or computers, digital players that to do not exist. The process is the same in both situations: you have an opponent and you are trying to have a better score than him in order to win. It depends on the players’ mentality whether the fact that the opponent is a real person or not has any influence on the game.

Playing free scrabble online against another person is the same as if you would play it in real life. The only things that change are the medium and the fact that there is no direct interaction. When playing free online scrabble against a computer, the situation may become a little different. First of all, you are competing for a better score against an artificial intelligence. For this reason, you might become more determined to win, to prove yourself that the human intelligence can always overcome the barriers that computers face. Secondly, playing against a computer represents a great solution when nobody else wants to enter the game. You know there will always be something that does not need a motive or does not have to be in a good mood to play. Being a scrabble opponent is the purpose of its existence.

Playing against a person or a computer can raise a debate between players. Both choices present advantages and disadvantages and the decision you make illustrates your profile as an online scrabble gamer. You like challenges from the real world or from the totally different universe of technology or from both. Either way, you can enjoy a wonderful scrabble match.

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Play Scrabble Against computer or against people?