Many people, especially parents, ask others and themselves what age is appropriate for children to start playing scrabble. Maybe, they cannot remember when they started, and this raises a question mark in their minds. The answer is relatively simple: as soon as they learn to read and write. This age differs depending in which country they are living and studying. The average age is between 5 and 7 years old. Is it a little too early? Should this thing be postponed a little more until the child is absolutely ready? The answer to these questions is one that is given very often: it depends.

Factors that define the ‘it depends’ answer

The elements that influence the age at which children can start playing scrabble are also different, depending on the parents’ points of view, The idea is that as soon as the child begins going to school, he/she begins a great process of learning, assimilating and understanding information. It is a hard process that puts them through struggles and difficulties. Scrabble puts them through a similar situation of finding the best word, learning as many words as possible, but at the end of everything, it is a game. And children love games and are able to remember more things through what they play. It is a way of studying in an environment that is not filled with stress and pressure.

One of the best parts is that many schools from the world have started to use scrabble in order to teach children new words. It is used as an interactive part during classes or as an extracurricular activity.

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The appropriate age for starting to play scrabble is a subjective matter. Nevertheless, it is a great method for teaching and studying, it has a positive effect on children and it motivates them to study harder in order to become a better scrabble player. Therefore, you should let your child play scrabble as soon as possible in order to enjoy the beauty and the benefits of this game.

Playing Scrabble: The Appropriate Age to Start