Scrabble competitions have their beauty: you get to meet people from different parts of a country or from all over the world, it gives you the chance to experience things that you might never thought of, and you create beautiful memories that you can tell your grandchildren. However, they are contests, and one of the reasons people take part in them is to win. How great the prizes are depends on how great to competition is. We can talk about symbolical amounts of money or sums that can go to tens of thousands of dollars.

How much can a scrabble player earn?

Unfortunately, important scrabble competitions do not take place every month, but when they do, they give scrabble players a serious reason to participate. National scrabble championships can bring in a scrabble player’s pocket between $5000 and $10000. These sums of money are related to the first prize. The money that scrabble players can win if they obtain second, third or fourth place vary between $400 and $2000. Moreover, if we refer to world scrabble championships, the prizes can bring the winners $20000-$25000.

Children also receive prizes that are considered suitable for their age. They can win between a couple of hundreds of dollars and $2000.

Scrabble players are working hard for every penny and are making great sacrifices. Nevertheless, they see money as a bonus because the most important part is the game itself. No money can buy the joy of playing or the experience that they get.

Although money is not a goal that scrabble players are chasing, it is a reason for which they train to become the best. It is the reward for all their efforts and the material element that shows that they are part of the scrabble elite.

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Scrabble and Money: two elements that are trying to connect