When you speak about scrabble, the first things that come into your mind are the fact that it is a game that can be played by maximum four people and that involves connecting letters in order to form words on a board. This is a very simple definition, but there is more that lays behind this two-row sentence. And this ‘more’ refers to the players.

In order to understand what we are talking about, you need to answer the following question: why do people play scrabble? To relax, to learn new words, to test their skills and the list of answers can go on. However, what is probably one of the most important aspects is the fact that it brings together people and offers them a wonderful time. Families and friends gather and spend great hours playing scrabble. This situation refers to the board game.

A game that connects not only letters, but also people

Moving to the online medium, we can find the same atmosphere between people. Fortunately and unfortunately, we live in a huge world. This means that we may not always have our families and friends living just a few streets away. Maybe they live in other cities, countries or even continents. This means that it is harder to gather them around a real scrabble board, but it’s easier to gather them around a virtual one.

Online scrabble allows people to have fun and forget that they are separated by many miles. They feel reunited and enjoy precious moments with their dear ones. It is one of the magic beauties hidden behind online free scrabble.

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Online scrabble can be a great solution when it comes to bringing people together. It is a game that connects not only letter, but friends and families as well.

Scrabble as a connection between friends and family