We have seen that scrabble can be many things: it is a great game that we play with our friends and families, it is an important competition that challenges players to give out their best abilities and techniques, it is a connecting element between people coming from different cultures and it is also an aid for children from some points of view. In this last case, we are not talking about participating in all the scrabble competitions for children that exist, but in the way this game has been used by schools and parents and how it has been perceived by children.

More useful that a manual during the classes

Schools and parents have started to use scrabble as an additional support to help children learn new words. It gives them the chance to study in a different environment than the one in which they have to sit at a desk and learn from a book. They are playing, laughing, enjoying what they are doing and actually learning so much from a simple game. It is a method that has shown excellent results.

Picture the following situation: what if scrabble were the main method used to teach children how to write words? As mentioned earlier, scrabble is just a support for the writing classes. Upgrading its position would change radically the way children see this subject. Games are an essential part of children’s lives. Transforming a game into a compulsory subject could bring several benefits. Children would learn it more easily and will not see it as something boring and difficult. Moreover, they could make it a competition, see who is the best scrabble player and what new words they have learned.

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This change would have several advantages and would influence the way we see classes. Although we are speaking about only one subject, it could help children learn easier and improve their vocabulary.

Scrabble as a replacement for writing classes