Breathe in, breath out, feel the way all the tension and stress is leaving your mind, your body and you begin to relax. This is a method that is used to help people release all the stress that they hold inside and find their peace and calmness. Also, there is another way in which you can eliminate all the negative energy that you have: you can use this energy to do something and free yourself. For instance, try running, writing, cooking or playing scrabble. This game has some hidden properties which can help you get rid of all the negativity that you feel inside.

Play scrabble when you feel that something is wrong

Imagine the following situation: it’s 7 p.m., you come home from work after you have had an awful day. You do not feel like doing anything, even undressing yourself seems really exhausting. That is because all your energy has been absorbed by your job and you are left with nothing. In this situation, the solution is to detach from the world and you can do that by playing scrabble. The online version is a great choice when you are not in the mood to play with other people. Playing it, you manage to concentrate on the game, to think about what is the best move you can make and how lovely it is to do something for yourself.

Playing scrabble can help you relax. You are playing a game and you are doing this for fun. It is not a world scrabble championship, so you do not even think about who wins. You are proud when you find a word that brings you a beautiful score and you are very satisfied, at the end, when you realize you have learned a couple of new words. You are enjoying everything just like a child.

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The advantage of using scrabble as a therapy is that it is also free. You do not need to pay anyone to help you with your problems, you just need to create an account and register. After that, you can enjoy the unlimited possibilities this game has to offer.

So the next time you are feeling down or stressed, try playing scrabble for 20 minutes. You will be surprised how your mood changes from this 🙁 to this 🙂 .

Scrabble as a therapy eliminates stress issues