Scrabble is an unlimited world of words, where letters find different ways to combine themselves in order to form new words. It offers players endless possibilities. Now, try and eliminate this characteristic of scrabble and make it limited. You can only use just a category of them, certain types of words. Everything transforms completely. You are put in a difficult situation which can bring out your greatest scrabble skills or it will make you so angry, you will never try it again. We hope that it will just challenge your scrabble player abilities.

Play scrabble using words from specific categories

The key of playing scrabble like this is to establish on what category you will be playing. This is an aspect that you discuss with the other scrabble players before you begin the game. You can choose from music (genres, elements, instruments), cinematography (types of movies, genres, equipment), history (animals, battles, weapons), education, law, food, entrepreneurship and the list can continue.

What is beautiful about this change is the fact that you can make the game ‘spicier’ and you can experiment something new. Maybe you got bored of the traditional scrabble rules and you want something more fresh. There it is! You have the same game, with approximately the same basic rules, but you are deciding what list of words you are using. In this way, you are replacing the scrabble dictionaries that are used in most of the scrabble matches.

This ‘new’ version of scrabble is not something that will revolutionize the game. Important scrabble competitions will not change the rules and have games played on these types of word categories. This is just a relaxing way to play scrabble, to make it more enjoyable and have more fun with your friends and families and we hope that you will have fun trying it .

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Scrabble Challenge: Play the Game on a Certain Theme