Scrabble is a useful method used by parents and schools in order help children learn new words and develop certain skills. However, some children develop a real passion for this game and want to take it to another level. This level refers to international scrabble competitions that will test their skills, make them realize that their limits are something that they have to overcome in order to remain in the competition and offer them a great title and an experience they will never forget.

The effects of a world scrabble championship on children

One example of an important international scrabble competition is the World Youth Scrabble Championship. It has been organized every year since 2006 and it is a great opportunity for children to feel the taste of a real contest. Nevertheless, it is a difficult championship in which the talented children from all over the world gather and compete for the title. The prize itself does not have such a great impact on them, but fighting for their goals and working hard for something that they really want has. In this way, children are taught an important lesson: your dreams are not impossible to achieve if you work hard for them.

Furthermore, a world scrabble championship for children is an experience exchange as well. They have the possibility to meet other young scrabble players from the entire world and see who is more experimented, skilled, who is a real challenge, and to also make friends from different countries.

At the end of this experience, children will not remember that they won a sum of money and a golden trophy. Of course, it will be one of the things that will come in their heads, but the first things they will remember will be the adrenaline they felt when they were trying to find the best word for their next move, the hardest and the easiest victory, the opponents that later on, became their friends, and the fact that each challenge has its obstacles, but if you manage to overcome them, you will definitely find a beautiful side.

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Scrabble championships influence the development on children