When we were young, we loved the idea of forming secret clubs and being part of as many groups as possible. Even though we have grown up, we are still looking for different groups in which we want to become members. This is the reason why, in the world, there are approximately 4000 scrabble clubs. Players have the need to feel that they are part of something bigger, that they can go to a place where they can find people with the same passion as them and from which they can learn.

Are you a part of a scrabble club? Why is it important to be a member?

If we refer to their sociological definition, groups are entities formed by people who have similar interests, who aim to achieve the same goals and fight for the same causes. Scrabble clubs are communities where people gather to play scrabble, to meet other scrabble members and to have access to information and news related to this game, competitions, events etc. It represents a pleasant environment where they can spend a part of their spare time, and also, a means of communication with other scrabble communities.

Taking into consideration the medium, there are two types of scrabble clubs: ‘physical’ and online ones. It is an advantage to be part of one of them, if not, a member in both cases. Scrabble players who are members in such groups can find various opportunities: meeting important scrabble players, hearing about different competitions in which they can participate, being informed about the latest changes in the game and learning helpful scrabble techniques from other players.

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Groups are important in everyday life and their importance increases when we are talking about people who enjoy a good scrabble game and who are looking for persons with the same interests. Scrabble clubs give players the feeling of belonging to a great community that has no boundaries and that is formed by people from all around the world.

Scrabble clubs develop the idea of a real community