Scrabble is adapting and reinventing itself, according to the world we live in and to the people’s needs. We have entered a great digital era, a period in which technology evolves continuously and changes the way we see everything. This is one reason why an online version of scrabble was created. It needed to keep up with the period we are leaving in. And it has been doing more than that. It has been suffering different changes in order to see which ones satisfy the needs of the millions of scrabble players from all over the world. This is how scrabble cubes was born.

A new way of playing scrabble

Scrabble cubes is a three-dimensional version of the game, which keeps the same principles and brings something new at the same time. People still have to form words with some given letters, but the letters come in a different presentation. They come in cubes. At the beginning of the game, players have a cube formed of smaller cubes with scrabble tiles. Each letter can be used three times and after that, it disappears. After you use a letter for the second time, it becomes red. If one or more letters are used three times, the cube from which they are part of disappears, revealing other letters. If one letter is partially visible, it cannot be used until it can be seen 100%. Words have to have minimum 3 letters and maximum 7 and have to be allowed by the official SCRABBLE Tournament Word List.

This game has another different element: a timekeeper. People have to form as many words as they can in 4 minutes. When there are only 30 seconds left, they are announced by a bell. So, this game has an additional element that brings pressure into discussion.

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This is another way of playing scrabble, a modern one. The best part in this case is the fact that this version keeps most of the scrabble rules, which means that it does not kill the spirit of the original game. It just brings an update which can offer people a new and interesting experience of playing scrabble.

Scrabble Cubes: A New Concept of Online Scrabble