The fact that scrabble is not just a simple game is not a novelty. We have discussed some other aspects of the game such as the influence it has on children’s development, the relaxing effect after a stressing day and the connection it creates between people who are very different. Another extremely important one is helping people see things differently and not accepting things just as they are. Of course, some things are not worth discussing, but there are other that should be analyzed. In order to do this, people must be critical and have an analytical way of thinking.

How can a game influence the way people think?

This question pops up in people’s minds. After all, scrabble is a 70-year-old game with some very simple rules. How can it have this impact? The answer does not concentrate only on the game itself, but on several elements. We have to take into consideration the how frequent people play it, with whom and the context in which they play scrabble. If we are talking about people who play it when hey gather with their friends once or twice in a few months, we are not taking a very reliable example. We should think about people who have a passion for this game, who play a couple of times in a week, who enjoy the feelings they get when they play it. These are some really good examples.

For this category of people, scrabble brings several benefits. Because the game focuses on forming words from specific lists and dictionaries, people should always pay attention to their opponents and question their moves. In this way, they would be sure that all the scrabble players are going on the right side of the road. Secondly, scrabble is a game of possibilities, many or few, it depends. Therefore, players are also analyzing the situation, how bad or how favorable it is. They are always looking for the best move for them and the best obstacle for their opponent. Thus, scrabble players know that a situation is more than it seems.

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Scrabble is more than it seems. This is something that we are starting to get used to and we know that we should not take the game for granted. It has resisted for many years and we are just discovering the reasons for its longevity. What is more important is the fact that we should learn from everything it teaches us and treat it with great respect.

Scrabble develops analytical thinking and mind processing