No, we have not discovered the way in which you can transform a game into a living person. Fortunately or unfortunately, it will take a while until scientists will come up with such a discovery. We have found out that scrabble can accompany you when go out with your friends to have a drink or to spend some quality time. You do not need to carry anything with you, it will stand there and wait for you on a table, on a shell, in a small closet.You will just have to go to one specific place: pubs.

A scrabble game in every pub

There are times when you go out with your friends and you do not notice how five hours pass and there are times when the conversation hits a dead end and you do not know what to do anymore. Well, you should not go home because you do not want to, you want to stay because that was what you planned for that night. Here is when scrabble comes in and saves your meeting.

Wanna play something?‘ This is a short question that can save your night. You all agree on the idea, you decide to play scrabble and the atmosphere changes completely. You are enjoying every moment, everything is great and again, you cannot explain how five hours have passed. Thank God for scrabble!

The idea behind this story is that, if not all, most of the pubs should have board games and one of them should be scrabble. People need a distraction sometimes or an additional support that can lighten their moods and their night. Scrabble is a great solution as it is a simple game that does not make friends angry, it can be played just for fun, not only for winning a competition and it goes great with a beer.

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Scrabble in pubs would be interesting and useful in the same time. People can play, have fun, start competitions and have a great meeting as well.

Scrabble goes out with you for a beer