People play scrabble because it is fun, it is a wonderful activity in which friends and family members compete against each other and enjoy every moment of the game. In this environment, scrabble is treated as a game, and it is true, scrabble is a game. However, people sometimes forget that scrabble is more than that, it is a competition. In order to win it, you have to prove that you are better than the other players and for this, you have to respect the rules of scrabble.

How the absence of the rules can kill the beauty of scrabble

When people play with friends and their families, they tend not to respect the rules so strictly as you see in important scrabble competitions. ‘I’ll just take a Z from the bag’ or ‘Can we exchange some tiles? It seems that I am not so lucky today’ are just two examples of situations in which players break the rules. The question is whether these situations can be accepted when played with friends and families. No! They should not be accepted anytime because they are not useful.

Rules have their role in the scrabble game. Eliminating them is like taking a very important piece out of a puzzle; you will not be able to see the entire picture at the end. You will just play a game, a very easy one, in which you know from the beginning that you will not encounter any obstacles, you will be able to form whatever word your heart wants and, at the end, you will have a huge score for which you did not make any effort. How does this sound? Extremely boring! Rules create mystery, they will put scrabble players in funny or difficult situations, they will make them overcome their limits and give them a feeling of pride and joy at the end of the game. Rules are not beautiful, but what they create is.

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The scrabble game is beautiful the way it is, so you should not try to change it. If you do, you might end up playing the most boring game ever.

Scrabble is more than a game, it is a competition