Games involve fun, amusing things, situations that cannot be predicted, and that can lead to improvisation. Scrabble is not this type of game. It is an interesting combination of two elements that may seem to be coming from opposite parts: simple and easy to understand structure and gaming techniques and strategies that require practice and hard work.
Therefore, we must leave any type of improvisation out of the picture if we want to keep talking about serious scrabble games. We will focus on the reasons why some preparation is needed in a scrabble game and how it influences the life of a game.

Prepare yourselves: scrabble games are coming!

In this case, preparation does not refer to elaborate plans with explanations that can confuse players more than help them during the game. They refer to understanding how the game works, how scrabble players think and act and what kind of situations can appear during a game. So beginning with the game, we have simple rules that can be learned easily by anyone. For this reason, players should understand that they have to do something more in order not to play a boring childish game. Try learning words that will bring you in front of the crowd and that could take your opponent by surprise.

Moving to the scrabble players, you should take into consideration that most of them follow the same principles. They want to make great moves in order to obtain great scores and win. Thus, they look for words that can offer them an advantage and put their opponents in disadvantage.

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Last but not least, we will be talking about the situations that can appear in a scrabble game. You should always be careful at your opponent, see that he/she is respecting the rules and everything is alright. Do not be afraid to challenge a word! If you are not sure that a word is allowed, say it in order to be checked. Furthermore, you should always look for small or big opportunities that can change the fate of a game.

As you can see, scrabble is a game for which people prepare. It is important to follow some game principles that will help you anytime and will bring you only happiness and success.

Scrabble leaves no room for improvisation