Scrabble was designed with a simple purpose: to offer people a pleasant way to make time pass and entertain themselves. Due to its simple design, people understood quickly how this game works and it became popular among millions of them from all over the world. It won the hearts of many generations and it is still present in our daily lives and the ones of the future generations. However, who would have thought that scrabble can be used to raise awareness and support women who have breast cancer?

How can a game help support the fight against breast cancer?

Scrabble producers created a special edition of the game in order to support and help women who suffer due to this disease. Made available in 2006, the game contains all the elements of a normal scrabble game colored in pink: tile racks, scrabble board, scrabble bag and scrabble tiles, all inside a pink box. Pink is the color used in several international campaigns that support the breast cancer fight.

Besides the pinkish design, this special edition was created to help financially this campaign. Therefore, all the money raised from selling this game was donated to the UK’s leading breast cancer charity, Breakthrough Breast Cancer.

Another aspect that scrabble managed to reach through this special campaign is raising awareness among many people about this disease. A game is a pleasant and funny thing and it is associated with laughter, happiness. When you correlate it with a serious worldwide problem such as breast cancer, you help people see everything with other eyes and understand the issue better.

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This method is an efficient way to support a charitable cause like the breast cancer fight. People buy the game, the money is used to help women who have breast cancer and, at the end of the day, the ones who bought know that they did something that will help others, and the people in need will have an extra help from others’ kindness.

Scrabble raises awareness about breast cancer