We all play games for different reasons. We want to relax, train our minds, or improve our skills and capabilities, but at the end of the day, we all want the same thing. To WIN. It gives us a pleasure that nothing else can, the sense that we are in control of the situation and we can change in any way we want to.

However, not all of us are winners and there is a reason for that. Winners do not win because the gods are in their favor or because they were born lucky. They win because they have strategies and tactics that they have developed and improved by playing very much. This theory applies for online scrabble as well. We are going to suggest you a few scrabble strategies that may improve the way you play and change the way a game can end.

Understanding the concept of scrabble strategy and improving the current scrabble techniques

Starting with the board, you should be careful with what letters you have and what you decide you need. Make sure you have a balance between the vowels and the consonants. This an important rule when it comes to scrabble because you will need both to form words.

Moreover, it is important to look at the number of points a letter has. Letters such as J, K, Q, X and Z are great to have on your board because they have a high number of points which can give you a wonderful score. It is a scrabble advantage that you should always consider.

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A good scrabble player is always open to everything. For this reason, you should take advantage of every little chance you get, even if it means writing a two or three-letter word. It will a better decision than not making any move at all.

Moving from the board to the players, there are some things that you should establish before starting the game. First of all, you should check that you and your opponent are playing under the same rules. Some scrabble rules may be different, so you should clarify this aspect right from the beginning.

Furthermore, you should always keep an eye on your scrabble opponent. In this way, you can anticipate his/her moves and turn everything into your favor.

The most important thing in improving your scrabble skills is by learning new words and it can be done only one way: reading. It is the best and most efficient way through which you will learn words and improve your scrabble strategies.

Scrabble may seem as a simple game that can be played by anyone, but its beauty is hidden behind strategies and tactics. They make everything worth playing and more delightful.

Scrabble techniques for every type of player