The Scrabble game is played with exactly 100 tiles. 2 of this 100 scrabble tiles are blank, used to add a wildcard aspect to scrabble, and the other 98 tiles are letters used in generating words.

The blanks tiles may substitute any letter . Once played, the blank tile remains the letter for wich it was substituted when it was first time played.

Each letter have different point value. The letter point value is based on it’s rarity and dificulty in playing it. Very important to say, blank tiles have no point value! No value at all.

Missing tiles on Scrabble board?

We know, it happens. Tiles get lost in time, and the game is not the same. Our advice if you lose a tile from the scrable game board, replace it with something else that represent the same tiles. Do not play without it, it won’t be the same thing.

Scrabble Tiles – How many ? Missing any?
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