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Scrabble world records established over time

Scrabble is a competition in which people fight to become number one and to be remembered by their opponents and by other players. We have a name for people, situations and things that are outstanding, that are the best, number one in the world. We call them records. As anything from this world, scrabble competitions, players and scores are monitored by specialists in order to see if new records are established. If so, the winners have another prize that they receive at the end of a good scrabble game: a couple of shades of glory.

Examples of scrabble world records

There are several lists which show scrabble world records, but they differ according to the list of words used during the games. The lists are: OSPD or OTCWL, used in North America, Thailand and Israel, and SOWPODS, known nowadays as the Collins Scrabble Words, used in most of the world.

Here are some examples of records that have been established over time:

– the highest score achieved from one word: 1778 points by writing OXYPHENBUTAZONE and hitting three Triple Word Score squares
– the highest opening move score (OSPD): 126 points with MUZJICS (with a blank for U) (2008)
– the highest scrabble score achieved in 24 hours by two players (Lakshan Wanniarachchi and Yeshan Jayasuriya): 196,525 points (2012)
– the highest losing score (OSPD): 552 points (2008)
– the highest combined score (OSPD): 1320 points (830+490) (2006)
– the highest combined score in a tournament game (OSPD): 1134 (582+552) (2008)

In order to establish a record, a scrabble player does not follow certain steps or secret recipe which will bring him/her the glory he/she wishes for. Most of these records happen due to luck (or bad luck in the case of the highest losing score) and cannot be foreseen. However, scrabble players who are extremely motivated and ambitious can find themselves in the position of establishing a new one.