It is very hard to be the best, it is difficult to be good as well. Being appreciated, having a top position in a rank requires hard work, ambition and never giving up on what you really want and love. There are millions of scrabble players in the world, but we only know the ones that have one important scrabble competitions and have earned titles such as “The best scrabble player in the world”. They are the ones that the small players look up to and take as models when it comes to scrabble techniques and strategies.

What does it take to be a good scrabble player?

The top scrabble players are different, but they have some common characteristics. First of all, they are very patient and do not hurry to make a move. Scrabble is not a game played against time, players can take as much time as they need in order to decide which move is the best. They analyze the tiles they are going to use, calculating the possibilities, the points and the risks they are taking.

Secondly, they are not afraid to make a risky move. Good scrabble players love challenges and taking certain risks. If a move might take some precious tiles away (such as Z or Q), but it bring good points, they are willing to make it. No pain, no gain.

Furthermore, they understand that scrabble relies on luck, but they will not stick just to this fact. Good scrabble players will always have prepared techniques and strategies, they will learn two-letter and three-letter words that will save them from a dead move and they will always look for a solution and a way out of any difficult situation.

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Last but not least, good scrabble players do not play to win (although it is one of their goals), they play because they enjoy the game, because of the adrenaline and the feelings, because of the joy that scrabble brings. They have learned that scrabble is more than a game and they appreciate every part of it.

The road to becoming a good and appreciated scrabble player is a hard one, but full of little wonders. It will take you from one extreme to another and it will test your limits, but, at the end of your journey. it will take you to the accomplishment of your big dream.

The characteristics of a good scrabble player