In order to survive, you must adapt. This is a fact that works for all types of beings, for technology, for jobs, for anything. It is the key of succeeding in life and the main element that keeps us alive. We can apply it to scrabble as well. Since 1938, the game has suffered some small changes, but it managed to basically remain the same. One of the greatest modifications is the electronic format. Because we are living in the digital era, in a world led by technology, the online version of scrabble was something absolutely mandatory. It offers unlimited access to people from all over the world, it is very practical because people do not have to worry anymore about the board game and can be easily modified and updated.

Predictions about the future of scrabble

There are questions related to the ‘future scrabble’. What will it look like? Will it have the same components? Will it change completely? Will the board game survive or will it just remain in electronic format? For more than 70 years, it managed to keep its structure, its rules and principles. However, it is not for sure that in 15 years we will find it as we left it.

Its popularity indicates that it will not disappear all of a sudden. Millions of people are playing, both the board game and in online format. In addition, international scrabble competitions take place every year and the matches cannot be played online.

Therefore, changes will certainly appear, but they will not be radical ones. Scrabble will always keep its essence and its main parts. The modifications will be just adaptations, the elements that will help the game survive both in the online versions and the board game. So, scrabble will always be a part of our lives, in one way or another.

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The Future of Scrabble: In What Will It Transform?