Everything in this world is part of a group, a family. We identify it with the group and understand its origins and characteristics. Scrabble is part of the family of puzzle games because it is a game where players deal with many pieces, which they try to put together in order to obtain something, it involves a lot of thinking and a methodological approach.

Understanding the idea of scrabble being part of a game family

Puzzle does not represent only matching multiple pieces together in order to create an image, it refers to playing with several pieces, making your mind work in a logical way and understanding what each piece does. In a simple puzzle game, they form an image. In a scrabble game, they form a great scheme of words. Basically, scrabble makes players create the definition of images: words.

Moreover, it is a game that puts scrabble players in a uncomfortable situation because they have to create words only with the letters that they get. Therefore, you have a bunch of vowels and consonants that do not match and you are forced think outside the box, look for every little opportunity and make the best move you can. So scrabble is not the easiest game after all.

Scrabble is a game that involves strategies and techniques. Due to the fact that it is difficult to receive the best letters to create words, scrabble players should know how to play and react in different situations. Not making a move might not be the most wanted option, but sometimes, it is inevitable. Thus, to avoid it, keep in mind that scrabble is a game that will make your mind seem like a puzzle from which you need to choose the best pieces.

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The story of the family of scrabble