When you go through the scrabble rules that you receive after buying the board game or when entering a website that allows playing free online scrabble without downloading, you may find that you are allowed to use certain dictionaries. However, is this really useful or can it be considered cheating? And if it is allowed, what are the situations when you can appeal to one? We will see that this aspect can be analyzed from two points of view and there are sides that approve this method and sides that are against.

The situations that could require using a dictionary during a scrabble game

To begin with, the scrabble players should discuss this matter before starting the game and decide if they will use a dictionary or not. In the case of scrabble board games, players have the freedom of making their own rules. Nevertheless, this is only possible when talking about scrabble games played between friends and family. When it comes to international competitions where people want to win the title of the best scrabble player in the world, players can use a dictionary only when a word is challenged. In the case of free online scrabble, the rules cannot be changed and players have to respect what has been set.

Of course, when using a dictionary, there can be several advantages. You will always have a way out and you will put less effort while playing. The purpose of a dictionary is to verify if the word is part of the scrabble words that are allowed. The number of words may differ due to the fact that scrabble producers may include different rules and dictionary editions.

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This method can make the game lose a part of its beauty. You are restricted to a number of words that you continuously have to check and see that you have not crossed the boundaries. Therefore, you will be more careful with the words you choose than with actually enjoying a good scrabble game.

It depends from which side you decide to look. You can believe that it is very helpful to use a dictionary or that it is a waste of time. The most important thing is to decide on this matter before starting the game in order to enjoy playing scrabble with you friends or family, or to accept the rules set for online free scrabble with no download.

During a scrabble game: to use or not to use a dictionary?