Scrabble Solver is a tool that finds words for games like Lexulous , Scrabble and Words with Friends game too. The idea of this help tool is to find valid words based on your letters. I said in a previous post that there are plenty of scrabble tools to find words, and the “Scrabble Solver” application is only one of them.

The Scrabble Solver have the english word database (dictionary) and when you are looking for words, the tool gives you firstly the longest ones, to achieve more points on your Scrabble table game.

Any tool for finding words for Scrabble that you used

Have you used any other tool to find some words on these games, other than the Scrabble Solver? If you do, please share it with us, we will enjoy experimenting other tools, to see which one is better and faster.

What is a Scrabble Solver? How to use it?
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