Yes, we all know, scrabble is such a lovely game appreciated by people from all over the world. Being curious about its popularity, we have made a research to see which are the countries that have the greatest number of enthusiasts when it comes to playing scrabble. We believe that the high growth of the Internet and the many places where you can play free online scrabble favored the popularity of the scrabble game.

Numbers that illustrate the great popularity of scrabble competitions

Our research indicates that the United Kingdom had 110 entrants in their 2014 championship, followed by the Czech Republic with also 110 enthusiasts in 2013. The numbers tend to have an upward movement which shows that something or someone caught the people’s interest about this game and developed a passion in them. Another reason could relate to the fact that more and more people have started playing free online scrabble and have discovered the beauty and the secrets of this game. For this reason, they may have wondered what it would be like to be in a real scrabble competition, what kind of opponents they would find there and what difficulties they would face there. The answer to all these questions is to participate in any type of scrabble competition. You can start with small ones from your city, contests organized by scrabble clubs and associations. If you see that you enjoy what happens there, you have a wonderful time and it suits you, you can start thinking about scrabble competitions at the next level(s): regional, national or international.

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Scrabble has always been a well known game by people from all over the world, but it seems that competitions have began to be taken more seriously nowadays. People have discovered something new in this game, which explains the growth that we see.

Which countries have the most scrabble players in championships?