You may have heard people saying “I enjoy playing scrabble, I could do that all the time!”; you may have seen people playing a scrabble game intensely, detaching themselves from reality and concentrating only on the match. These are situations that can seem extreme to people who do not play scrabble, but they are really normal to scrabble players. These players are people who fell in love with the game and are willing to do everything that they can to play a good match, enjoy it and, of course, win it. And most of the times, winning is not such an important part. So, after all, why are these people so fond of this game?

Reasons that show why scrabble is so loved by its players

There are several reasons why people love playing scrabble. First of all, scrabble does not involve any teamwork. People are able to make any move they want, do not have to consult with anyone when it comes to decisions and changes and do not feel any type of pressure like they would if they were in a team. It is an excellent choice for no-partner players.

Moreover, scrabble is a game with a simple structure and a complex ‘filling’. The game is designed in a way that allows anyone to play it: it has rules that are easy to follow, it can be learned quickly and it does not have any exceptions that complicate the game. It targets people of all ages and it allows the creation and existence of a great community of people united by the same interests.

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Last but not least, scrabble is an unpredictable game. You cannot predict your opponent’s next move, you cannot foresee your future moves. Sometimes, you just have to hope that luck is on your side and it will give you the best scrabble tiles in order to make the best moves.

Scrabble has many other hidden beauties, which you can discover while playing the game. They create sort of an addiction (or love, as players call it) that makes people enjoy the game very much.

Why do scrabble players love scrabble so much?